Welcome to Pampas, where the spirit of Brazil meets luxury and extravagance.

Two centuries ago, the Gauchos roamed the Brazilian Pampas, a massive region of fertile grasslands supporting the finest South American cattle. Each evening, these nomadic cowboys would sit by a handmade fire pit and spit-roast fresh meat over an open flame.

As the years rolled on, the original Gauchos’ unique method was refined and perfected – a brick rodizio replaced the open flames and the meats became more diverse. In time, the modern churrascaria was born.

At Pampas, the evolution of the churrascaria continues. Smoke unites with spice, rusticity finds sophistication, and tradition meets modern elegance. Discover the Gaucho experience in our cosmopolitan dining space, complete with original exposed brick walls, a rich mahogany bar, soaring mezzanine and a plush lounge.

Our modern emporium fills nightly with the revelry of friends celebrating life and sharing the finest meats, produce and wines Northern California has to offer.